Holistic Light is recognized as leading luxury rehab through its renowned approach to treating the whole person - mind and body
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    Your all inclusive stay includes a custom tailored treatment program which focuses on healing the mind and body through 20+ holistic and modern therapies.

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    Holistic Light is known for its compassion, competence and creative approach to helping clients overcome an addiction. Some of our staff memb…

    World Renowned Program

    While we value group therapy sessions and multi-person activities, we also understand that treating the individual person comes first. All t…

    Vladimir Kogan
    The Ideologist of Holistic Light Rehab

    Holistic Rehab!

    Culminating holistic and modern therapies for a well rounded treatment program

    Holistic Light drug and alcohol rehab provides individually tailored treatment programs which focus on healing the mind, body and spirit. With two facilities, in Panama and Costa Rica, we have been helping people from around the world to overcome addictions and mental health disorders for over 5 years. Our renowned program has been designed to meet each clients specific needs; thus, ensuring the ultimate opportunity to get the most out of treatment while having the ability to maintain sobriety for life.

    By keeping our facility intake to a minimum, we establish a solid family like bond which promotes compassion, nurturing, security and happiness; all of which lead to a healthy recovery. Our astounding 1-1 client to staff ratio ensures each and every client will have all the attention needed to heal and restore.

    Holistic Rehab

    Holistic Light Rehab: Premium Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

    Holistic Light’s approach to treating addictions and co-curing disorders has been regarded as one of the most progressive luxury rehabilitation programs available. The profound difference in our methodologies is that we treat the entirety of the individual; mind, body and spirit.

    Holistic Addiction Treatment Works!

    We believe that people with addictions have underlying problems which need to be addressed. These root problems usually stem from one or more of the following:

    • A chemical imbalance
    • Unresolved traumas/past events
    • Beliefs which are held and not necessarily true
    • Inability to cope daily life struggles

    By working out these issues, we are able to offer the most permanent, direct and advantageous treatment approach to heal and restore a person’s overall wellbeing. After decades of research, we have chosen the most impactful holistic and modern therapies to be woven into the treatment program. Each one of these therapies has been modified to treat all types of addictions, mood disorders and mental health issues, as well as, any personal health aliments. With this impeccable foundation, we then tailor it to suit the individuals own needs and requirements. This ornate customization is one of the leading reasons we have such successful outcomes in long lasting recovery.

    Holistic Addiction Treatment

    Reflect, Restore, Rejuvenate, Recover and Re-engage at Holistic Light!

    “Rather than treating the symptoms of the addiction, the physical withdrawal, as well as, telling clients to stop using, we focus on any underlying problems which led to the addiction. We show clients how to feel good and be happy; therefore, they won’t have the desire to use” –Holistic Light ideologist Vladimir Kogan

    Over 20 Therapies Incorporated into Our Program

    We understand that a therapy which has a profound effect on one person may not have the same results on another. This is because each and every individual will respond differently to the treatment approaches he or she encounters. To give all of our clientele an equal opportunity at a lifetime of recovery, we implement over 20 different types of therapies into our treatment program.

    Every day is a new day at the rehab center; there is no boredom or unwillingness to participate because we are always keeping clients engaged in a therapeutic activity which shows them how to maintain a happy, healthy and sober life.


    Holistic Recovery

    We believe a holistic path to healing is the most efficacious approach to recovery. We have integrated nutrition, body movements, natural pain management and emotional mending into our program so that our clients are able to recover from their physical addiction, as well as, any psychological, emotional and mental issues. Our accomplished team of doctors, therapists, counselors, holistic practitioners and nutrition experts will guide each person through a process of discovery, happiness and sobriety, while enhancing their wellness, nutrition and inner balance.

    Treating Co-Curing Disorders

    Addiction can be multifaceted; it is not uncommon for addicts to have complex co-curing issues such as, PTSD, depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, personality disorders or even other addictions. Staff at Holistic Light is well versed in treating co-curing disorders; otherwise known as dual diagnosis, and are often underlying root causes of substance abuse. By working through these issues, we can help to clear the path to sobriety.

    Recover from Addictions and Co-Curing Disorders

    Our rehab has experiencing in treating a broad range of addictions and co-curing disorders including:

    A holistic rehab program with everything a person needs to reach happiness, harmony and sobriety.

    Our all inclusive luxury addiction treatment program will include the integration of:

    • Holistic therapies
    • Modern therapies
    • Family therapy
    • Detox services
    • Nutritional awareness
    • Recreational activities
    • Physical fitness
    • Relapse prevention

    From the blog

    We have helped thousands of people in the world and in the U.S: Alabama – Alaska – Arizona – Arkansas – California – Colorado – Connecticut – Delaware – Florida – Georgia – Hawaii – Idaho – Illinois – Indiana – Iowa – Kansas – Kentucky – Louisiana – Maine – Maryland – Massachusetts – Michigan – Minnesota – Mississippi – Missouri – Montana – Nebraska – Nevada – New Hampshire – New Jersey – New Mexico – New York – North Carolina – North Dakota – Ohio – Oklahoma – Oregon – Pennsylvania – Rhode Island – South Carolina – South Dakota – Tennessee – Texas – Utah – Vermont – Virginia – Washington – West Virginia – Wisconsin – Wyoming

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    100% Confidential

    Finding Yourself at Holistic Drug Rehab

    6 Months of Aftercare and 1 Year Guarantee

    When the time comes for a client to leave us, just like the treatment program, we will tailor a relapse prevention plan and aftercare program to best suit their needs. Our goal is to make sure each person feels prepared for their new life and has everything they may need to overcome challenges. Our relationship does not end here; our dedicated staff remains available even after the client has left Holistic Light drug and alcohol rehab.

    Through 6 months of weekly phone sessions, clients are encouraged to discuss progress or any issues he or she may have. Of course, at anytime, we encourage our past clients to reach out and call us; even if it’s just to say “hello”. We understand that hearing the familiar voice of a nurturing person can mean the difference between staying sober and relapsing.

    Holistic Light offers a genuine solution to healing addictions and mental health issues; we are so confident in our tried and tested methodologies that we offer a 1 year guarantee to clients. As one of the only drug and alcohol rehabs to offer such an exclusive guarantee, we are truly committed to helping people attain long term sobriety.

    Holistic Drug Rehab

    Holistic drug treatment includes only natural remedies

    A Rehab Facility for Anyone Needing Help

    At Holistic Light, we welcome anyone who needs help. We are not affiliated with any religion or spirituality; all therapies have been modified so that there are no undertones of any beliefs. Therefore, our program is open to all people, regardless of any ethnicity, gender, religion or background.

    Our Clients

    As a leading holistic drug and alcohol rehab, we attract clients from around the globe; however, we cater primarily to expats within Central and South America, as well as, persons from the U.S.A, Canada, U.K. and Russia. That being said, we have staff which speak English, Spanish, Russian, German and French.


    We approach addiction as a 100% treatable condition


    We are familiar with treating high profile clientele; therefore, we understand the vital importance of confidentiality and privacy. Rest assured, we treat every client we anonymity and never disclose any information to persons outside of the center.

    Holistic Alcohol Treatment

    Holistic alcohol rehab will change your life!

    Choose from Two Beautiful Locations

    Environment is a crucial component of the addiction treatment process. Holistic Light currently has two facilities for clients to choose from; the first facility is nestled in the tropical environment of Costa Rica. Upon success and the inability to meet our high demand from those in need of help, we choose to open a sister facility in nearby Panama. Both facilities are in secure locations and have staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting to Cost Rica or Panama is hassle free and typically does not require a visa. In the instances of a client needing a visa, we will be there to sort this out in a fast and efficient manner.

    A secure sanctuary to promote healing and recovery

    As a luxury rehab, we provide our clients with state of the art facilities complete with an array of top tier amenities. Clients will enjoy gourmet meals, which can be specifically customized to meet any dietary needs. The facility grounds are bursting with color and boast tranquil landscaping reminiscent of a 5 star boutique. The amenities which we offer to our clients help to promote security, relaxation and restoration; something that these people need while recovering.

    Our firm belief is that addiction should be treated from a full-body perspective

    Holistic Alcohol Rehabilitation and Recovery

    Holistic Rehabilitation is a healing experience

    Helping Your Loved One

    Over half of the clientele we treat have entered the facility because someone who deeply loves them contacted us for help. We understand how difficult it is to watch a person destroy their life; however, it is possible to reverse this. We can help your loved one to break free from an addiction, resolve underlying issues and feel happy. We’ll also stand by you to help build a supportive network for you, family members and your loved one. Our family sessions, guided by a therapist, will offer a safe space to discuss any unresolved conflicts and find healthy ways to work past them. We’ll help to improve communication and re-build healthy relationships. From initial support and advice about addictions or mental health disorders, to aiding in interventions, we can help to find a solution.

    Coming to our Holistic Rehab for a New ‘Light’ on Life

    When anyone comes to Holistic Light, he or she is welcomed with open arms, unconditionally accepted and treated with genuine care and affection. There is no judgment, no hospital like settings and no general approach to treating everyone. Our integrated program has helped clients from all parts of the globe to find peace, serenity and happiness without using substances or inflicting self harm. After decades of research, we know what works and what does note; therefore have included only the most effective therapies into our holistic program.

    If you are ready to take the first step to make a positive change in life, contact one of our supportive staff members today at +1 (888) 236-3296. It’s free, confidential and has no obligation. We’re ready and waiting for your call.

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